powering EMV Approved Mobile Point of Sale

Designed to improve the security for consumer card payments, the EMV standard has had a dramatic impact on the international payment ecosystem. Today, approximately 1.5 billion EMV cards have been issued globally and 21.9 million POS terminals accept EMV cards*.

*Source: http://www.emvco.com

Future Proof EMV Roadmap

As the point of sale industry continues to evolve, it’s the responsibility of the payment solution providers to remain flexible and continuously adapt. Ingenico Mobile Solutions stays one step ahead by creating a future proof roadmap designed to meet these ever-changing global demands. Whether you’ve already adopted EMV but want to go mobile, or you need to start migrating to EMV in the near future, our industry-leading roadmap has got you covered.

  • Leverage the RP350x EMV Chip reader or the iCMP Chip and PIN mobile companion to support all EMV use cases (Chip and Sign and Chip and PIN)
  • Create configurable, EMV approved native applications designed from the ground up with Ingenico Mobile Solutions’ complete suite of APIs
  • Meet all EMV compliance requirements by leveraging our Level 1 and Level 2 tested solution
  • Enable PCI-compliant transactions with end-to-end encryption and a secure payment gateway

Industry Leading EMV Expertise

Ingenico Mobile Solutions is part of the number one provider of EMV payment solutions worldwide. Ingenico has installed over 17 million POS terminals worldwide, and 14 million are already EMV enabled and securely processing smart card transactions daily. Ingenico Mobile Solutions has worked with card brands, merchants, retailers, processors, financial institutions and banks in many countries around the world to successfully implement mobile EMV solutions.

  • Gain access to Ingenico Mobile Solutions’ unmatched EMV expertise
  • Leverage our global business knowledge and understanding of country-specific requirements
  • Tap into our global network of customers and partners
  • Gain a competitive advantage by partnering with the leading provider of mobile EMV solutions