How do I change my password?

1. Go to the Cart screen, as shown below:
Phone: img_008
Tablet: img_108

2. From the Cart screen, tap the Menu icon on the top-left corner,
3. You will now be presented with the Menu screen. Tap on Settings.
Phone: img_009
Tablet: img_109

4. From the Settings screen, tap on Security.
Phone: img_010
Tablet: img_110

5. Tap Change Password
Phone: img_011
Tablet: img_111

6. You’ll now be prompted with the option to change your password, filling in the required fields as requested.
7. Enter your current password.
8. Enter your new password.
9. Enter your new password again.
10. Tap the Check-mark in the upper-right hand corner to save changes.
Phone: img_012
Tablet: img_112

For additional support, please refer to the Support Page in your merchant portal or contact your ISO contact.