How do I connect my RP450-BT (Bluetooth only) reader to my device?

1. Go to the cart screen.


2. Tap the Menu icon in the top-left corner to go to the Settings section.

3. Tap the Settings row.



4. On the Settings screen, tap on Bluetooth Readers.

5. You will now be presented with the Bluetooth Readers screen. Tap on the Pair a New Reader button.


6. RPX5 will prompt you to select the type of reader you wish to connect (MOBY, RP45x or RP75x Series). If you are pairing the RP450-BT, tap the corresponding image (denoted “Bluetooth Only”).


7. RPX5 will now provide you with the instructions for pairing your reader.

8. Once ensuring the reader is properly turned on, and selecting the appropriate reader from the list, your device should seamlessly pair and be setup to begin processing transactions. You will receive confirmation via an icon flashing on the screen (as shown below), as well as a tiny icon of the reader in the upper-right corner of your screen.

For additional support, please refer to the Support Page in your merchant portal or contact your ISO contact.