How do I connect the RP750x reader to my device?

There are two ways to connect the RP450c reader:

Audio Jack
Connect the RP450c reader by inserting the stem of the reader into the audio jack of your mobile device. The jack is detachable from the RP450c unit, and can be inserted to either of the reader’s ports based on the location of the audio socket on your mobile device.

Pairing via Bluetooth
The audio jack head is a detachable unit from the reader. Unless you are using the reader primarily using the audio jack, the audio jack head will be used just for initial Bluetooth pairing. Once paired, the audio jack can be stored securely. To do this, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the cart screen
Phone: img_008
Tablet: img_108

2. Tap the Menu icon in the top-left corner to go to the Settings section.

3. Tap the Settings row
Phone: img_009
Tablet: img_109

4. On the Settings screen, tap on Bluetooth Readers

5. You will now be presented with the Bluetooth Readers screen. Tap on the Pair a New Reader button
Phone: img_046
Tablet: img_146
6. RPX5 will prompt you to select the type of reader you wish to connect (RP450c or RP750x). If you are pairing the RP750x, tap the corresponding image.
Phone: img_047
Tablet: img_147
7. The application will now provide you with instructions to pair the reader, as displayed below. As soon as the reader is detected, it becomes available under Available Readers.
8. Tap the available reader to start pairing the reader with the application, at which point the Pair your Reader dialogue will disappear. The application will then provide you with a Bluetooth Pairing Request as seen below. Enter the code on your reader, as prompted.
10. If the code matches, the application will begin pairing with your reader.  Important: While Pairing or Setting up process is in progress:  The “Disconnected Reader + Spinner” animation will be shown to the user in the app’s header AND the Text under the reader in My Readers will be Connecting… (The entire Reader row and the Info icon will not be tappable)

11. Only after the reader is ready to accept transactions (after Setup) the following events will happen at the same time:
• The “Disconnected Reader + Spinner” animation will be replaced by the “connected reader” icon AND
• The Connecting… text on the Reader row will be replaced by Connected. 
• The following icon will flash on the screen for a second. 
Phone: img_050
Tablet: img_150
12. You are now ready to begin processing transactions.

For additional support, please refer to the Support Page in your merchant portal or contact your ISO contact.