Hinckley for US Senate campaign adopts ROAMpay for mobile card acceptance of campaign contributions

Posted: Oct 11, 2011

Partnership with ROAM Data is a first for national political campaigns

BOSTON, MA – October 3, 2011 — ROAM Data announced today that the Hinckley for US Senate campaign has adopted its ROAMpay mCommerce card acceptance solution and mobile phone swiper for accepting donations from campaign supporters. The campaign for the US Senate Seat from the state of Rhode Island is the first national political campaign to adopt advanced mobile payment technology to receive contributions.

According to campaign manager, Nick Cicchitelli, Hinckley, a former software entrepreneur, decided to use ROAMpay because of its unmatched security, ease of use, and ability to work with a wide range of mobile devices

“Until ROAMpay, said Mr. Cicchitelli, “the only options for campaigns looking to take credit cards were to use unsecured swipers with outrageously high transaction fees, to take the numbers down on an unsecured paper form, which nobody likes doing, or to bring a laptop and process credit transactions through their website, which requires a wifi hotspot, probably a power outlet, and is more or less immobile. We bring ROAMpay to every event – fundraisers, “meet and greets,” coffee hours, etc. Donors are big fans of the secure transactions and get a kick out of this being done with an app on a smart phone. It’s an excellent tool, works with a wide range of mobile devices, and is a great example of using technology to leverage support for a candidate.”

ROAM Data recently announced the release of ROAMpay X, a redesigned mobile card acceptance application that improves the user experience with enhanced graphics and added features for iPhone and Android touch screen users. A BlackBerry version is scheduled for release soon.

About ROAM

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Examples of ROAM applications include ROAMpay X, that turns merchants’ mobile devices into secure POS terminals to accept payment anywhere; ROAMoffers and ROAMwallet, that enables merchants to deliver compelling offers to their consumers’ cell phones that can be conveniently and securely acted upon. ROAM also provides a set of tools (APIs, SDK, IDE) for developers to build their own mobile POS or eCommerce apps on ROAM’s platform. Visit us at www.roamdata.com