ROAM Data Introduces Revolutionary Cloud-Based Mobile Wallet and Checkout API for Secure Use on Virtually Any Mobile App or Device

Posted: Aug 01, 2011

First “In-App & In-Ad” Checkout Solution Providing Level 3 and Meta Data for 1-Tap Mobile, In-Store, and Web Purchases

ROAM Data, the leading mCommerce platform provider that extends both physical POS and eCommerce to the mobile environment, today announced ROAMwallet API, an innovative 1-Tap™ mobile checkout solution that turns the mobile marketing channel into a mobile sales channel.

ROAMwallet enables consumers to quickly and securely purchase products using their own mobile device. It is both a patent pending mobile checkout API designed especially for embedding secure commerce in mobile apps or ads, and a consumer mobile wallet that securely stores payment options, receipts and other data, for consumers to conveniently buy from ROAMwallet-enabled merchants using 1-Tap technology. Unlike other wallets stored on the secure element of an NFC chip, this ubiquitous mobile wallet securely stores cardholder data in the cloud, for use on any phone, tablet, POS system or computer. ROAMwallet’s patent pending architecture goes beyond other e-wallets to send level three and meta data about the transaction back to the merchant, and the API can be very easily incorporated by any mobile app developer to include convenient 1-Tap checkout in applications or mobile advertisements.

“We are partnering with ROAM because the ROAMwallet 1-Tap™ checkout is what mobile application companies like ours have been waiting for — the easiest and most secure mobile buying experience for consumers today, whether on the go, or on the web,” said Leonardo Riera, CFO of GeeVee, a mobile Skype competitor across different device platforms. “We chose ROAM over all other solutions out there because they designed their secure checkout process especially for mobile apps, providing us with more security, more data and more convenience for our customers using virtually any device.”

The ROAMwallet API for mobile checkout is available now to app developers for beta. In July, ROAM will make available ROAMoffers, a turn-key solution, integrated with ROAMwallet, that enables merchants and advertisers to easily create compelling mobile offers delivered to customers via e-mail or text message campaigns, banner ads, or print ads with 2D barcodes, Facebook or Twitter. ROAM reduces the steps a consumer has to take to purchase from a ROAMwallet-enabled merchant, no longer requiring a “drive to store” or “drive to web” mentality. With ROAMwallet, purchases can happen quickly and securely without consumers feeling like they are leaving the application.

“Mobile commerce is all about convenience,” said Will Graylin, Founder and CEO of ROAM Data, “Whether it is making it easier for a merchant to accept a credit card through an application like ROAMpay, or by making it easier for consumers to make a purchase on their mobile phone with ROAMwallet and via ROAMoffers, the more convenient we can make the experience, the more revenue merchants will generate. ROAM Data is committed to reducing the friction of commerce, and to that end, improve lives, and we are bringing secure mCommerce to broad segments of merchants and consumers quickly, easily and securely.”