ROAM Data provides universal card reader and associated software for Intuit Payment Solutions

Posted: Jan 10, 2011

Intuit chose ROAM Data’s patent pending secure audio swiper and licensed its software for different smart phones to enable GoPayment customers cost effective card present transactions on their own cell phones.

Boston, MA — (Jan 10, 2011) ROAM Data announced today that Intuit Payment Solutions has contracted with ROAM to provide the world’s first encrypted audio card reader that runs on various device operating systems. Because ROAM can deliver a secure reader, across vast number of phones, at a revolutionary price point, Intuit has announced it will give away these readers to support its small business owners and its mobile payment initiatives in the United States.

ROAM Data’s audio swipe device is now compatible with nearly a hundred different computing devices from iPhones, iPads, to dozens of different Android and Blackberry devices, to PCs, Netbooks, and Tablets. The encrypted ROAMpay Swipe readers require special software for each device platform that ROAM licenses to customers that already has built their own smart phone app. Alternatively ROAM provides a turn-key mobile card acceptance solution called ROAMpay, which runs on hundreds of devices, and is the easiest way for FI’s and ISO’s to offer mobile card acceptance to a massive base of small merchants.

ROAM is a technology service provider and does not offer merchant accounts, it helps merchant service providers like Intuit, and many others to deliver the best mobile commerce solutions possible. ROAM currently has over 120 merchant service providers that resell the ROAMpay turnkey solution. For more information about ROAMpay visit: and for more about the full range of ROAM’s mCommerce solutions including ROAMbiz, ROAMbuy, ROAMstore, visit

About ROAM Data
ROAM Data provides a patented platform called ROAM Rails, that enable valuable mCommerce applications apps to be delivered to virtually any computing device – from iPhones, Androids and BlackBerry smartphones – to feature phones, tablets, PCs & even POS devices. Apps delivered on ROAM Rails, include turn-key solutions like ROAMpay which helps merchants turn their mobile into POS devices, and ROAMstore which helps merchants create their own mobile storefronts for customers to shop or buy on their mobile. ROAMbiz are apps that tie into existing eCommerce or retail systems for Order Entry, Inventory and other sales force functions. Businesses can also build their own device agnostic apps using ROAM IDE or just embedded commerce into their existing smart phone apps with ROAMbuy API. All transactions are serviced through ROAM Payment Gateway – a Level One PCI-DSS certified gateway integrated to most payment processors in the U.S. and ROAM App Server (RAS) a hosted system with App Provisioning, Management & Billing Systems for ease of deployment and maintenance of apps across different devices for different end-users. ROAM is setting the standard for scalable mCommerce application delivery on its rails. Visit us at