ROAM Data’s Sean Gately Speaks To Luxury Daily On the Keys To A Successful Mobile Commerce Website

Posted: Jun 19, 2011

ROAM Data Sales Director Sean Gately sat down with Rachel Lamb of Luxury Daily recently to give his insight into what makes a successful mCommerce website.  The topic of conversation was the launch of a major luxury retailer’s mobile website and the quality of the buying experience.  Sean explained that the ability to browse and explore products is equally as important as the ease of checkout.

“As with all mobile commerce sites, it is imperative to provide the least amount of friction possible with the checkout procedures,”  Sean states.  Ideally, “Retailers should provide the preferred customers with a one-tap-buy mobile wallet experience.”  ROAM has been at the forefront of developing the most convenient mobile checkout experience with ROAMwallet, as well as perfecting its device agnostic rails of mCommerce, which Mr. Gately goes onto explain the importance of.  You can read the article in it’s entirety on Luxury Daily’s home page.