Sending Merchant Email Information (Welcome & Forgot Password)

Posted: Nov 20, 2019

1. First, log in to ROAMsupport6 by following the steps outlined here.

2. On the sidebar, open the Merchants menu.  

3. Click on View Merchants, under the Merchants menu.

4. This screen is used to show details about the merchants associated with the logged-in client. It’s important to note that profiles will not show up in the list by default, they must be searched. If you do not input a search query, a list of all associated client profiles will be returned.

5. This returns a comprehensive list of all merchants associated with the account. Click on (or search for) the merchant for whom you would like to send the email.

6. Once you are on the merchant information page, click on the respective button for whichever email type you would like to send. This email will be sent to the email address on-file for the merchant.