What is Deeplink?

Posted: Jan 22, 2020

RPX Deeplink is a secured, simplified and seamless method for card acceptance with authenticated third-party applications. Deeplink provides a Semi-Integrated mode through ROAMPayX mobile application to allow an authenticated third-party app to integrate with RPX through use of Inter-App Deep-linking methodology.

UseCase : ISVs with their own mobile POS app can use RPX Deeplink for an easier, simpler and quicker option to add payment acceptance functionality from within their own app – minus the overheads of Development, Testing and subsequent Publishing to deploy the new version.

UseCase : ISVs with only a Website/Portal will be able to leverage RPX Deeplink to accept Card-Present transactions, without requiring to develop a mobile app first.

Deeplink will :

  • Eliminate implementing support for the underlying mPOS SDK for Native mobile apps
  • Drive Card-Present interactions from an authenticated Web App using a mobile browser – no mobile app needed
  • Manage device (Reader, Printer,…) connectivity and Reader Firmware upgrades
  • Speedier and easier implementation of payment acceptance
  • Iterative approach to add feature as and when required

Deeplink vs mPOS Integration

Please see the Deeplink Integration guides located here to get started with integration on your app.