First-time login: How do I setup my account in myROAM?

Posted: Aug 31, 2015

  1. Navigate to using your web browser. 
  2. Enter your User ID and Password.
  3. Click the Submit button.
  4. You will be presented with a Terms and Conditions screen (only for Merchants being billed directly by ROAM).
  5. After review the Terms and Conditions, select the “I have read and accept ROAM Data’s Terms and conditions” checkbox.Terms of Usage
  6. Scroll down the page and confirm Billing Information.Billing Information
  7. Click on the Activate Account button.
  8. Next, you will be presented with the Account Setup page, which you must complete in order to continue using myROAM. Here, you will be prompted to enter a personal email address. This will be used for password reset requests.
    Account Setup
  9. Next, you will be asked to choose a password. Follow the directions on-screen to continue with password selection.New Password
  10. Finally, choose and answer your two Security Questions. These questions are used to validate your account and reset your password.
    Security Questions
  11. Click Submit.The first time you log in to myROAM you will need to fill out the entire page and click Submit in order to continue usage. You can go back to this page and modify the information by going to My Account -> Account Setup at any time.
    If you have completed this information in ROAMpay X4, you will not be prompted to complete this information in myROAM.
  12. After you click Submit you will be directed to your Dashboard page.