How do I edit an email receipt using ROAMmerchant?

  1. Select My Account -> Edit Email Receipt (Note: Depending on your account setup, you may not see this page in ROAMmerchant.)


  1. You’ll now be presented with three, editable categories. Business Logo, Receipt Details, and Connect With Your Customers.


  1. Business Logo
    • Click Upload New Logo to choose an image file, and navigate to where your logo is stored on your PC or device.
    • Insert the logo; crop if needed.
      Note: The logo must be 5MB max, PNG or JPG formats are accepted.
  1. Receipt Details
    • In the first of two text boxes, you can enter your Business Name, to be present at the top line of the receipt
    • Click the second Text Box to enter an optional personal message (140 character max).
  1. Connect With Your Customer Links
    • Email – This is the email address you would like your customers to use in order to contact you.
    • Phone – This is the phone number you would like your customers to use in order to contact you.
    • Web Site – Enter the URL of your website
    • Facebook – Enter the URL of your Facebook page
    • Twitter – Enter your Twitter information.
  1. When all information is entered, click Submit
For additional support, please refer to the Support Page in your merchant portal or contact your ISO contact.