What is a MOBY/8500 Reader?

Posted: Jul 13, 2021


The Moby/8500 accepts all card-based payments including EMV chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless through a single device. Easily connect the mPOS device with Bluetooth to over 300 different types of iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The Moby/8500 supports all mPOS use cases for merchants of all sizes and can also be white-labeled for custom branding.


Combined with our mPOS EMV SDK and Gateway, the Moby/8500 is pre-certified for EMV to all the leading processors so you can start accepting EMV payments right away. The mPOS card reader is certified for PCI PTS 5.1 SRED, EMV L1 and L2, EMV L1 contactless, Visa payWave, Mastercard

Contactless, Amex Express Pay, Discover D-PAS and CUP Quickpass.

The device comes preloaded with firmware and security keys which can be remotely updated to help reduce total cost of ownership.


With a sleek design and a compact form factor, the Moby/8500 is lightweight and portable. it offers a large bright color screen for easy interactions and an optimal customer experience.

Wireless connectivity and plug-and-play convenience add further ease of use, as does the Moby/8500’s user-friendly PIN pad with raised keys.

In addition, the Moby/8500 is equipped with contact pads that enable the device to be used with accessories such as retail stands, charging stations, etc.